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Divine Providence

Matthew Isaacson

Man Walking in Fields

New Release

Divine Providence

I am Provident Bergkolben and I have virilely willed to life one unsparingly surprising non/fiction manifesto and manifest holy book titled, “Divine Providence.” This Divine Providence is neatly packed into five hearty books which altogether sum to 110,000 words, 25 figures, 28 tables, and 35 equations.

With soaring rhetoric and founding documents, the first book heralds the dawn of a new era. The second book sews a fertile cluster of literary, linguistic, moral, and legal remedies for much of what ails the toxic culture. The third provides a series of large-scale and open-source social and technical engineering solutions and presents them as self-fulfilling “prophecies.” The fourth proposes holistic theories of physics, psychology, intelligence, and wisdom which can transform every academic discipline and education at every level. And the last book shares mainly many of my own short stories but also two chapters of poetry and a cornucopia of literary feats.

Book Cover of Divine Providence
Picture of Author Matthew Isaacson

About Me

At age 16, after an awed and rebellious and radically pensive childhood, I met my first atheist, and by the end of that day I had become one myself with uncanny conviction. The next year I began studying Darwin, traced evolution backward in time, and experienced a vision of space traversing space, which is what I came to call “exertia,” as the origin and engine of all existence.


Soon I began what would become a decades-long running document which was always meant to explain everything naturally. Along the way, a parallel psychical paper emerged, and then I worked my way up to intelligence and wisdom.


In September 2002, I discovered I had procured the will, power, duty, right, and privilege to unify religion, and from all of this would emerge the novel language and large-scale applications to grow a happy and healthy global superorganism.

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